Lebanese cuisine

Discover or rediscover the Lebanese cuisine in all its authenticity at La Shish Airlie!

We are located at LaSalle, near Lachine and Verdun.

Great culinary delights

Our restaurant offers a healthy, refined cuisine that’s faithful to the Lebanese culinary tradition. We combine creativity with respect for traditional recipes in the preparation of our dishes.

Our chef makes a clever blend of different spices and ingredients to ensure the flavour of all dishes. We will make you discover the oriental gastronomy in all its authenticity. From starter to dessert, we will surprise you and delight your taste buds. Reserve a table today!

We will make you discover the oriental gastronomy in all its authenticity

Lebanese cuisine LaSalle Lachine Verdun

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Lebanese cuisine LaSalle Lachine Verdun

Dishes rich in colour and flavour

Lebanese cuisine is known for its rich colours and flavours. Our chef prepares each dish with the greatest care, be it the rice, couscous, meat or vegetables.

You will love our Shish Taouk, Shawarma, mezze and our other specialties. Would you like to start your meal with a starter? We suggest our taboulés, delicious cheese sticks or our falafel balls. Our dishes are to be enjoyed without any moderation!

We satisfy all cravings

What sets us apart:


La Shish Airlie

9150 Rue Airlie

LaSalle, QC H8R 2A5


(438) 800-4210